With the world fast consuming its remaining fossil fuel reserves, price volatility and energy costs have become the concerns of many organisations and individuals. However the real challenge is how to reduce any levels of emissions without risking our living standards. Our company, driven by sustainability and the environmental necessity to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, offers professional advice and assistance that can help a business to reduce its energy consumption footprint and thus mitigate the ever rising costs incurred. Specific services include but are not restricted to the following:

Renewable Energy

We offer the following design and consultancy services for renewable energy:

  • Designing renewable energy systems including:
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Biomass energy
    • Small hydro energy
    • Geothermal
  • Advisory services on connectivity with distribution network
  • Management of discussions on behalf of client with regulator and distribution authority
  • Audit of energy generation facility and Inspection


We recognise that sustainability is at the core of many of our client’s businesses, aiming for low environmental impact but also a more cost effective operation.

Our focus is supporting our clients meeting their environmental commitments coupled with ensuring security of energy supplies and the minimum energy consumption. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Energy auditing of any facility
  • Energy analysis and efficiency improvement advisory services
  • Consultancy services on achieving compliance with regulatory directives such as EU directive 2002/91/EC