Electrical Engineering

Our firm offers electrical services throughout the design, construction and operation phases, from inception to completion and beyond, of all building projects in all business sectors. Meltec is equally capable of providing electrical engineering and design support for infrastructure projects. This includes transport, energy production and supply, transmission and distribution, water and waste water management and distribution and site utilities. Our main aim is to provide increased value for our clients. Thus focus is placed on excellence of technical expertise, cutting-edge design, sustainability, quality, as well as the service offered to our clients and colleagues. Specific services include but are not restricted to the following:

Security & Safety

  • Automatic Fire Detection and Fighting Systems
  • Intruder alarms & CCTV and security
  • Access/Control control
  • Building management systems
  • Lightning Protection Systems

Technology & IT

  • IT infrastructure
    • Voice
    • Networks
    • Cabling 
  • Specialist Systems
    • Medical Call and Paging Systems
    • Antenna TV Systems

Power Systems

  • UPS and other Power Supply Systems
  • Lifts and Escalators
  • Power Distribution Networks (High and Low Voltage)